Brixley here.  Well the week of celebtratoriums are over at last and it’s back to the grind.   The grind of course being trying to get out of this jungle with most of the foreign diplomats intact.  The Belarussian Ambassador was found although he had lost 3 toes to a turtle  (a little price to pay to Particus the patron saint of soirees).  Unfortunately I was unable to recover my cocktail shaker that was given to me by S.J. Penn but I was able to replace it with the skull of the monkey that stole it in the first place (talk about retribution), and I can happily report that it shakes a mean Martini.

I have one week to get out of this jungle and submit my paper on ‘the effects on diplomatic relations in North-East Europe post 1978 due to inflated infrastructure maintenance costs’ to my publisher, J.R. Bingham for the next issue of Pty. Ltd. magazine.  This should be easier than having to attend the triennial Save the Monkey’s cocktail evening.  It could get ugly if I am asked to mix any martinis. Maybe I should contact S.J. Penn and ask him if he has any spare bar paraphernalia.  Until soon.

G.O. Brixley


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