Improved York


Brixley at your service.  Readers, you will be pleasured to hear that I was able to submit my paper to J.R. Bingham and it shall be publicated in the next issue of Pty. Ltd. magazine.  I had to send the paper to J.R. Bingham via carrier pigeon from Tunis (when I say paper I mean numerous cocktail napkins and when I say pigeon I mean albatross) which reached his publishing house just outside Lyon in a mere 3 days.

This week I had to fly to New York to see what’s left of Dave Brubeck playing his seminal jazz album Time Out on a piano accordion.  Unfortunately I left my jazz tuxedo in Portugal and had to wear my safari tuxedo which still smelt like zebra.  However Roget (the typical henchman of Oxford and Webster) had somehow managed to pick up my trail, odor and scent, probably due to my overpowering musk and I was forcibly made to exeunt stage left as it were.

Luckily for me I pulled what is known as an Indiana Jones and procured the services of an oriental child taxi driver to make my timely getaway.  Until next timeness.

Good old Georgey boy

G.O. Brixley


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