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Why hello,

Brixley here and not there.  Readers, many a question has had it’s reciprocal explained to me.  Firstly, it was not a strain of super ethanol that intoxicated Bingham and myself, it was simply alcohol, but we had been a bit light on dinner an a bit heavy on liquids.  The hallucinations were not real either as I had actually stumbled into an illegal gambling casinatorium in my inebriated state and finally the reason I was in the library was that there had been a party held deep within the depths of the Dewey decimal system which is surprisingly still going and where I am writing from.  I’m still not sure if I’m still in England but I must dash since they are starting up a karaoke tournament and yours truemost must battle Oxford and Webster (who arrived at the party soon after my last post…) in a climaxstick battle of recitation.  Pray for me.

G.O. Brixley


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