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Brixley here.  Well loyal readers (and the disloyal ones), for the past 2 months I have been incognito.  Let me fill in some gaps for you; Oxford did not die from his train carriage plunge (bastard), Webster has been hotmost on my tail with the now horribly disfigured Oxford, I beat them in the karaoke competition and I had to hide out in a monastery in rural Italy guised as a monk until the heat was off.

Unfotunatarily I had chosen the wrong attire (a Cardinal’s garb) and whilst mingling at a wine and cheese tasting I was sprung by one of Oxford and Webster’s cronies, Roget.  He attacked yours truly with force, might and effort but I was able to impediment his onslaught with a wheel of Stilton and make my timely escapedom.  I was able to acquire passage to the Austro-Hungarian Empire by way of steam vessel and have since been invited to a pre-winter cocktail/disco party hosted by the Archduke.  On the invite is says “Now is the winter of our Disco-Tent”.  I have donned my tuxedo so wish me luck, and let’s hope Roget has not tracked me thus farmost.

G.O. Brixley


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