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Brixley hear? Yes I can.  A sackful of apologies readers as I have been AWOL for some time, or perhaps AWOB where the word ‘leave’ has been replaces by the word ‘blog’. Anyway whilst I am not at liberty to disclose my current location or  porpoise I will leave you with an extract from one of my earliest diaries; Larry.

Dear Larry 1/23/12

I am at a crossroad in the novella I am writing.  My protagonist, Wilhelm Doomtron can go in either one of two directionists.  Either he could take his small bookbinding racket to the big time in Dodge city where the women are as numerous as hot dinners or he could take a sojourn to southern Italy where his uncle Philip runs a fishing operation that is controlled by aliens who live at the center of the earth.  I think I shall have to consult my next-door neighbour J.R. Bingham.

G.O. Brixley

Until later,

G.O. Brixley


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