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Back in Back


Brixley here, that’s write, I’m back writing.  I has been some months since my last weblog but I’m finale back at the computypewriter and with a new menu of delicious stories about my galavantravels abroad. Firstly one should knote that it is a new year.  So happy etc. Secondous to that is the fact that Oxford and Webster have both brought out new volumes of their infamous dictionaries.  Luckily for me I stole all Oxford’s nude portraits of Queen Victoria and now have some leverage to bargain with.  No more shall my wordsmithing be in vain.  Webster on the secondhand may be harder to sway.  Something has come to my attention also, and that is the increasing decrease of manners in the public arena.  I shall be addressing this problem in subsequent postages.

Tip of the day: If you can’t find any single malt scotch at a party, scold your mouth on a particularly hot appetiser and drink a blend.

Make sure your Scotch is labelled.

G.O. Brixley


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